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IoT Platform

Axelerate IoT Platform is a hyper-scaled, enterprise ready IoT, telematics and M2M solution in the cloud. By using Axelerate IoT, you can focus on developing your connected services and solutions value propositions and shorten the time-to-market of connected service delivery, instead of building applications, systems and platforms.

Axelerate IoT is built for high scalability and up time. The Axelerate IoT Platform comprises numerous building blocks such as connectivity for terminals and smart devices, advanced big data analytics, transformation, business logic, business intelligence and reporting, portals, smart device Apps and API's.

In parallel with the IoT stack, we also provide a Service Delivery Platform which makes it possible for any organization to orchestrate and manage IoT subsriptions and configurations.  

The Axelerate IoT Platform makes is possible to deliver connected services with a minimum of time-to-market.


Axelerate IoT touchpoints comprises Portals, Apps and API's which makes it easy to consume IoT services. Users can access information independent of where they are and what device they are using.



Data from Smart devices are transformed into valuable information by advanced analytics, making it easy to understand where you business can be improved. Data can be analyzed in real-time when being received in our IoT platform or in batches. Most of the value in IoT is created with advanced analytics. Our analytics engine will tell you:

  • What happen

  • Why it happen

  • What will happen

  • What action you should take to improve your business or prevent things from happening

These four analytic areas is a starting point to improve your business.



Axelerate IoT platform is connected to leading global telecom operators through Jasper wireless and Ericsson DCP. We are able to communicate two-ways with any type of Smart device, using industry standard protocols like Http, REST, MQTT, CoAP or custom protocols. Smart devices can be connected using cellular, satellite or fixed line over Internet. If your devices are already connected to a legacy platform, we don't mind connecting Axelerate IoT platform to your own API's to collect data.

Our connectivity services comprises telecom SIM subscriptions, secure, managed and reliable communication. 


Managing IoT services and solutions is essential to be able to scale your connected business. In parallell with the Axelerate IoT Platform, we also provide a Service Delivery Platform (BSS) which makes it possible to manage and administrate your IoT solutions and subscriptions.

We provide management of organizations structures, devices, subscriptions, SIM-card, IoT Apps, Analytics, frontend content and even calculate the IoT subscription cost and create offers using our CPQ tools.  

IoT platform features