Manage your fleet

Optimize vehicle utilization

Fleet Management

Fleet owners can easily improve their business by connecting assets and fleets to Axelerate IoT and improve efficiency by optimizing drivers, operators and vehicle performance.  

Track and trace

Tracking and tracing assets is an easy starting point to improve utilization of your complete fleet. Axelerate IoT provides track and trace services of your assets or parcel including gefoence and time-fence functionality. Track and trace events can be connected to notifications and alarms, making it possible to identify possible improvements and deviations.


Driver analysis

Optimize fleet and asset performance by analyzing operator and driver behavior. 25-30% of the fleet cost is generally connected to energy and fuel consumption. By analyzing how the fleet is being utilized, significant fuel consumption reduction can be achieved. Reducing idle time and unnecessary speeding is an easy way and low hanging fruit. Driving and operating assets with to high load at high speed might decrease the availability of your assets.

Machine and vehicle analysis

Analyzing your Smart machines and vehicles improves uptime and availability of the complete fleet. Most of the fleet downtime is caused by missing maintenance and in sometimes even abuse of the assets. By analyzing machine and vehicle health using fault code information, we are able to predict when maintenance is needed to prevent possible downtime.

Maintenance planning

Availability and uptime of assets and fleets is highly affected by the maintenance and take immediate actions on fault codes and upcoming failures. By planning maintenance according to hours, mileage, fault, codes and predicted failures, significant availability and uptime can be achieved, which also reduces the maintenance cost.  

Driving journal

An automatic driving journal improves driver and operator efficiency significantly. It also prevents mistakes connected to legislation. Axelerate fleet management comprises an automatic driving journal which creates driving reports comprising start and stop date, location, activity, reason. Reports can be accessed and shared at any time using the Axelerate IoT portal or App.