Track your assets

Follow the routes

Asset Tracking

Asset owners can easily track and trace their units globally with Axelerate IoT. Getting insight in historical location and route information allow owners to optimize the transportation of their assets.

Track and trace

Tracking and tracing allow you to improve the transportation of your assets. Axelerate IoT provides track and trace services of your assets or parcel including gefoence and time-fence functionality. Track and trace events can be connected to notifications and alarms, making it possible to identify possible improvements and deviations.

Outstanding hardware

Our small, battery-driven tracking device together with a positioning service on our track and trace portal gives you the ultimate location solution. Smart and easy to use - no assembly or wires required for installation. Simply place the Axelerate SmartTrack device on the object you wish to protect and you are now able to monitor and track down the object if lost or stolen. With a lifespan of up to 15 years, the Axelerate SmartTrack device is a great investment.