Anyway Wireless Communications AB partners up with Axelerate

Stockholm, SE, 11th October, 2016

Anyway Wireless Communications AB partners up with Axelerate to deliver IoT solutions for enterprise applications. Anyway Wireless will provide industrial LTE (4G) and 3G routers together with device management services from Axelerate to deliver enterprise-level connectivity for businesses. “Simplicity is the main reason behind the choice of IoT provider. Axelerate is agile and provides a great IoT platform in the cloud that enables us to sell connectivity services together with our routers”, says Anyway Wireless CEO Thomas Högler.

Simplicity and efficiency is crucial when businesses shall be digitized. Axelerate Solutions provides a hyper-scaled, enterprise ready and horizontal IoT platform in the cloud, enabling enterprises to effectively connect products, organizations and processes.

“Anyway Wireless is on the cutting edge of technology by enabling LPWAN and IoT, providing industrial hardware and new communication solutions to meet the high requirements from the industry”, says Axelerate CTO Patrik Axelsson.

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